MBA Admissions & Undergraduate Advising

abacus education academic advisingYour education is your most valuable asset. Unlike material assets, your degree is the only investment that does not depreciate or deteriorate upon acquisition and cannot be repossessed, foreclosed upon or stolen.

How much is a professional, business, or research degree worth to you? How do you assess your earning potential during and after completing an undergraduate or graduate degree? WMG can help you do the math and teach you maximize this important investment.

WMG is an innovative and proven premier undergraduate and graduate school admissions consultation service. We enable our clients to navigate life’s road-blocks and achieve their dreams.

MBA Admissions:
Our clients are admitted to and graduate from Top-Tier MBA schools across the country. We will help you determine the best institutions and academic programs suited to your career goals and preferred learning style. We will walk you through the application process and teach you our project management approach to building a complete, polished, and attention-grabbing application that reveals the full potential we see in you.

Undergraduate Advising: 
We work with students from top tier schools across the country. We will help you discover your passions and strategically pursue your academic and career goals. We provide the type of advising that allows our clients to soar in a safe and nurturing environment. The kind of environment where successes are celebrated and failures are learning experiences.

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